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gaMEdia – My Media Literacy Class

To withstand against fabricated news knowledge and critical thinking skills is obligatory. Education remains the key component in dealing with the fake news. Previous studies in this field proved that there is a positive relationship between the level of education and disposition to fake news. It is concluded, that more education guarantees more resilience to fake news (Open Society Institute, 2018).

On the basis of strong link between education and resilience to disinformation, project target group consists of secondary education students and teachers. In most cases teachers are left on their own to seek new knowledge and create tools to train students’ skills needed to critically evaluate content on social media. According to the research (McDougall et al., 2018) it is crucial to provide teachers relevant knowledge, material and training of needed skills to effectively teach students about media literacy.

To create relevant and useful project results they must be built upon needs of target groups. In order to achieve this throughout whole project co-creation approach is implemented. Specifically involving students and teachers, together with other relevant stakeholders from professional field in development of educational material through series of co-creation workshops.

Planned project deliverables: 10 most common techniques of disinformation in social media identified and illustrated with practical cases for each technique, having in mind social, political and cultural differences across Europe. Education material provided in gamified manner (through playing cards) with relevant content allowing to empower students acquire the necessary skills needed for spotting, understanding and analysing disinformation in social media. Second piece of educational material for teachers in guidebook format will also be produced and trainings for at least 120 teachers will be provided. Additionally, social media campaign aimed at raising awareness about disinformation techniques used in social media will be launched.

Project partners: Avoin yhteiskunta ry (Faktabaari -project) (Finland), IDEC (Greece), Fundació Catalana per a la Recerca i la Innovació (Catalan Foundation for Research and Innovation) (Spain). Project coordinator: asociacija „Žinių ekonomikos forumas” (Knowledge Economy Forum) (Lithuania).

The project gaMEdia – My Media Literacy Class is co-funded by the European Commission under the preparatory action “Media Literacy for All 2018”.