About us

Knowledge Economy Forum (KEF) is a professional non-profit, located in Vilnius, Lithuania with more than 50 members representing research, innovation and education areas. KEF brings together politicians, researchers, industry experts and citizens, and acts as a think-tank / debate platform for country’s societal and economical progress in the areas of knowledge society, innovation and education.

Having excellent track record on international (FP7, H2020) and national projects ranging from education (K12 and HE) to technology assessment fields, establishes us as reliable partners for national government and international collaboration. Few examples about our experience and acknowledgments are provided below.

We are open to new initiatives and collaboration.

1. D-TIPS (developing design thinking toolbox for primary education teachers).

2. InternACTional (creating a cross-institutional, international, practice-based, interdisciplinary and student-centered interactive learning course with elements of virtual exchange for tackling sustainability challenges).

3. GaMEdia (developing an educational game and support material for teachers on media and information literacy topic).

4. Baltic MIL Summit (organising Baltic media and information literacy summit, coordinating cooperation network among three countries and creating new tools for MIL education).

5. ECO2 (developing an e-learning platform to help consumers increase awareness of their energy consumption and improve their energy efficiency).

6. Organising annual Most Innovative Lithuanian Teacher Awards.

7. Coordinating project sySTEAM „Systematic approach for implementation of STEAM education in schools“.

8. Implementation of project „Improving the quality of education through innovation“ and running Lithuanian education innovation platform.

1. Participation in project PACITA „Parliaments and Civil Society in Technology Assessment“ which main goals were to expand the network of technology assessment institutions and establish capacity in the new countries (www.pacitaproject.eu).

2. Participation in project CIMULACT, „Citizen and Multi-Actor Consultation on Horizon2020“. The project seeks to engage citizens, along with a variety of other actors, in redefining the European Research and Innovation agenda and thereby make it relevant and accountable to society. www.cimulact.eu

3. Regularly publishing policy briefs „For Future Creators“ for Lithuanian parliamentarians and other policy makers on TA issues.

1. Organising annual Knowledge Economy Awards (as of 2004), in cooperation with the President of Lithuania.

2. RIS-LITHUANIA-INNPULSE – preparation of Regional Innovation strategy for Lithuania 2007-2013.

3. The evaluation of Lithuanian Science and Technology parks system – proposed measures and recommendations for the development of Lithuanian Science and Technology parks system.

1. The study conducted: E-Government guidelines of the Lithuania: the research study of future foresights.

2. Preparation of Lithuania 2030 progress vision and National Program of Progress.

3. Conducting trainings for state employees.

1. Feasibility study conducted for Vilnius University Students’ Representation about social business models Analysis and Perspectives

2. AdVenture, Inostartas, InoLaboratorija – three projects, which main activities were mentoring bachelors, masters, PhD students and young scientists on entrepreneurship issues, preparing them for participation in business accelerator programs, establishment of start-up companies.

3. Research project on “Creative Partnerships” impact on solving educational issues and transformational artists potential.

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Arminas Varanauskas

Executive Director

Gintarė Zinkevičiūtė

Project Manager